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UNC Researchers Made "BLT Sandwich" of Aborted Baby Organs in 2019 Humanized Mice Study

Ralph S. Baric and his team of researchers buried a gruesome insider joke in the 2019 scientific paper on precision mice test models conducted at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. I missed it the first few times I read the study, but a few days ago the word "sandwich" suddenly popped out at me in the section entitled "Generation of Humanized Mice," and upon closer inspection I realized the full meaning and horror of the reference.

Screenshot of the Generation of Humanized Mice section:

In plain language, the BLT-L (bone marrow, liver, thymus, lung) mice test models are made by first implanting a sandwich of human fetal thymus-liver-thymus under the mouse's kidney capsule. Then a human fetal-derived bone marrow transplant in injected into the tail of the mouse. A BLT sandwich.

Two pieces of fetal lung tissue are also implanted onto the mouse's back, thus the BLT-L label: bone marrow-liver-thymus-lung.

Notice also the immediate reference (in red below) to Advanced Bioscience Resources, which everyone in the fetal industry knows is the premier aborted baby organ trafficking company in partnership with Planned Parenthood. Every informed reader would realize that the researchers are emphasizing the fact that the thymus, liver and bone marrow are derived from aborted babies.

BLT-L mice were constructed by implanting a sandwich of human fetal thymus-liver-thymus tissue (Advanced Bioscience Resources) under the kidney capsule of irradiated (200 rad) 10–15-week-old male and female NSG mice. (Emphasis added.)

Having seen many tweets like these while searching for information on BLT mice, I was primed to catch the allusion.

A graphic illustration of the BLT mouse from the Creative Biolabs' website. The screenshot shows how a "sandwich" of human fetal thymus-liver-thymus is placed under the renal capsule and fetal bone marrow transplant is injected into the tail.

Of all the depraved and disgusting things I have come across in my search for information on the fetal industry's connection to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the most revolting. Makes me wonder what kind of people these are and what kind of place the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill really is.

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