• Julie Collorafi Is On Bitchute!

I've started a new video channel on Bitchute and have created four videos so far:

For information on the ongoing BLT-L humanized mouse program testing a pan-coronavirus vaccine at the University of Saskatchewan which requires a constant supply of "fresh and never frozen" aborted baby organs, see these videos:

1) Saskatoon Humanized Mouse Project

2) The Dream Team and the Dream Vaccine in Saskatoon

3) Why Are There 17 Abortion Mills in Saksatoon?

For more documentation and information on the Saskatoon project, please visit my website,

For information on how Molnupiravir, the COViD-19 Antiviral Pill, was tested on mice humanized with fetal lung tissue, requiring the sacrifice of many aborted babies, see this video:

4) Many Aborted Babies Sacrificed in Testing of the COVID-19 Pill

More videos in the works!

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