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Aborted Baby Organs Used to Humanize Mice for COVID-19 Vaccine and Therapeutic Testing

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

In the chart below there are several mouse models that were humanized with human fetal organs developed specifically for COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic testing and being used for research and development of COVID-19 countermeasures.

LoM (Lung Only Mouse)

For more information and documentation on the University of North Carolina's precision mouse model, the LoM (Lung Only Mouse), which has fragments of fetal lung tissue engrafted on its back, see these articles:

LungOnly Mice: Precision Test Models for the COVID Vaccine

LungOnly Mice Highly Prized for COVID-19 Vaccine Research and Development

For more information on how the LoM mouse model was used to test Molnupiravir, the COVID antiviral pill, see this article below. Twelve aborted babies were used in this project at the University of North Carolina in 2021:

New COVID Antiviral Pill Was Tested on LungOnly Mice

NIH researcher Kerry Lavender is producing a continuous supply of Ralph Baric's Lung Only precision mice model for COVID research at Saskatchewan University using fetal lung tissue. Read more details here: Saskatchewan University Professor Making Large Supply of Ralph Baric's Gruesome Lung Only MIce.

BLT-L (Bone-marrow-liver-thymus-lung)

For more information on UNC's other precision mouse model, which is engrafted with fetal liver, thymus and lung tissue, please see these articles. This model is the deluxe COVID vaccine test model because it has a humanized immune system and human lung organoids.

UNC Researchers Made "BLT Sandwich" of Aborted Baby Organs in 2019 Humanized Mice Study

The Fetal Industry's Essential Connection to the COVID-19 Vaccines

The highly humanized and specialized BLT-L mouse model containing human fetal, liver and lung tissue is the most highly prized of all. In their 2020 Virulence article, Pujhari et al. detail the shortcomings of other small animal models and praise the Wahl et al. LOM and BLT-L precision mice models developed at UNC in 2019 as the "idealized model for COVID-19 and other respiratory illness."

The BLT-L is highly significant since it has been touted as being of particular importance as a vaccine test model as noted in this November, 2019 Nature Methods article:

These observations also suggest the BLT-L mice may be useful for vaccine testing in the future.


Human fetal liver and lung tissue from eleven aborted babies was used to humanize this mice model. For more information see these articles:

Eleven Aborted Babies Used in University of Boston Humanized COVID Test Mice Project

The Fetal Industry's Essential Connection to the COVID-19 Vaccines


Human fetal liver was used to engineer this humanized mouse model by Yale researchers in a Regeneron laboratory to test monoclonal antibody drugs. See these articles for more details:

Yale-Regeneron's COVID-19 Test Mouse Model Humanizeed With Human Fetal Liver

The Fetal Industry's Essential Connection to the COVID-19 Vaccines

HIS (humanized immune system)

Columbia University Research's website offers mice models humanized with human fetal thymus for COVID-19 research. See more details here:

The Fetal Industry's Essential Connection to the COVID-19 Vaccines

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